A Late Summer’s Day in Washington Square Park

Summer’s gone, but the memories remain. Here’s a glimpse of a late summer day in Washington Square Park. The park is a hub of activity, drawing local city residents, tourists, and students from nearby New York University. Whether you wish to people-watch, hear some music, or watch some performance art, there’s always something for everyone – regardless of the season.



Want to visit Washington Square Park? The West 14th Street subway station is only a couple of blocks away to the west, accessible by the A, B, C, D, E, F, and M trains, or you can take the R or W trains to the 8th Street station and then walk to the southwest.

14 thoughts on “A Late Summer’s Day in Washington Square Park

  1. Great people watching. No oppression here! I’m intrigued by the placards and by the multitude of ways to relax. The biggest sight here in the last week was fisherman netting 25 tons of salmon on the north end of the beach. My granddaughter and her boyfriend watched: I was busy either sleeping or hostessing.

    1. I think the people with the placards were part of a religious group, hoping to trigger some conversation with passersby. Like so many of the city parks, this one does really offer a lot of options for relaxation. I think that I would have found the salmon fishing very interesting! Do you still have company?

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