Visiting the Selah Exhibition at the Chesnut Gallery

I recently discovered a hidden gem on Fifth Avenue – the Chesnut Gallery at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church. The small gallery is currently host to an exhibition by Bronx-based artist Laura James titled Selah. The artist is known for her religious art, and this exhibition highlights that subject matter. Each painting has a biblical influence and is done in a style similar to the Christian Ethiopian art tradition.

Here are a few of my favorite paintings from the exhibition. First, I was drawn to this painting, titled “Guardian Angel.”

This one is titled “The Original Creation.”

Here’s “Man Born Blind,” another interesting one.

I really enjoyed “Fish for Breakfast.”

I’ll leave you with one last painting, “The Image of Gold and the Fiery Furnace.”

These are just a few of the richly colored, beautifully detailed paintings on exhibit. If you’d like to see Selah for yourself, the paintings are only on exhibition at the church until July 30. The entrance to Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church is located at 7 W. 55th Street, just off of Fifth Avenue.

7 thoughts on “Visiting the Selah Exhibition at the Chesnut Gallery

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