Subway Station Art: 50th Street Station

In some ways, the 50th Street subway station is a little shabby, but if you look closer the station is home to some treasures. There are four glass mosaic murals, titled Alice: The Way Out, by Argentinian-born New York City artist Liliana Porter. If you are a fan of the classic children’s novel Alice in Wonderland you will appreciate these murals.





There are also other subway tiles reflecting the influence of different eras in this subway station’s history, including the vintage terra cotta tile station sign and the more modern ceramic tile destination signs.




If you would like to see these murals for yourself, the 50th Street Station is serviced by the 1 train.

11 thoughts on “Subway Station Art: 50th Street Station

  1. I never thought of it before but tiles in subways are a really good idea. They clean easily, are hard to destroy even with a good hammer, and are relatively cheap. Not all subways in the world have tile. I wonder who thought of it.

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