Pixel Forest at the New Museum

I recently had the opportunity to explore an immersive exhibition at the New Museum. The New Museum is known for its innovative contemporary art, and this exhibition by Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist, titled Pixel Forest, certainly exceeded my expectations. Pixel Forest combines video installations with multimedia art and audio. The result is a full sensory experience that draws the visitor into a new artistic world.

The exhibition covers three floors of the museum, and as you go through each level you have the opportunity to see how Rist’s art has evolved over time. On one floor there are long strands of light clusters that slowly change colors as you wander through them. It was a delightful experience.





In another corner visitors can lounge on throw pillows as they watch a video installation. Dreamy music plays in the background.


Tucked around a corner in a narrow space I discover this unexpected chandelier, made entirely of men’s and women’s white underwear. Different colored images are projected upon it, turning it into an unusual video screen.


On another floor, visitors rest on beds arranged around the room, staring up at a video that is projected onto a space on the ceiling. The video appeared to be made up of changing colors, and once again you are surrounded by soft music.


And on the third level video images are projected on fabric panels hanging from the ceiling, and guests are encouraged to wander among them, becoming part of the installation as the videos are projected on their own bodies.



This is one of the most unusual art exhibitions I’ve been to in a long time, and I really enjoyed how the installations invited the visitor in to participate and soak it all in.

If you are interested in seeing Pixel Forest for yourself, hurry to the New Museum before the exhibition ends on January 15, 2017. The museum is located at 235 Bowery.

10 thoughts on “Pixel Forest at the New Museum

  1. I went walking with you! An amazing exhibition, and so much of it. Did you throw pillows? become a screen? Who dreams up things like the underwear chandelier? I like the ceiling one – all that blackness, and then colour-swirls.

    Have a great 2017.

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