Broadway in the Boros

(This was originally posted yesterday, but I had technical problems with that post and had to repost it.)

One of the things that makes New York City such a special place is that there’s always something new, something unexpected, around the next corner. Yesterday, I traveled by ferry to Staten Island, intending to visit the National Lighthouse Museum for the first time. As I entered the plaza next to the museum, however, I found my plans had changed. Broadway in the Boros had come to Staten Island!

Sponsored by the NYC Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, Broadway in the Boros brings cast members from Broadway musicals to perform songs in concerts in the city’s outer boroughs. The goal is to make Broadway musicals more accessible to all of the city’s residents. The concerts are informal, with performers wearing T-shirts and other casual attire. In between songs, the concert’s emcee gives away Broadway show tickets and other freebies.



Friday’s concert featured performers from two musicals: She Loves Me, and Fiddler on the Roof. Cast members sang four songs from each musical, accompanied by the members of the musicals’ orchestras. It was a fun performance – I especially enjoyed the performances from Fiddler on the Roof, one of my favorite musicals.


Wanting to catch one of the future Broadway in the Boros concerts? The Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment posts announcements of future events, including these concerts and many other special events, on its social media sites. (You can find its Facebook page here, and its Twitter page here.)

7 thoughts on “Broadway in the Boros

  1. If you can’t find art, music, or a parade in New York–you are trying really hard. What a delightful surprise. I have yet to get the hang of the Peking Opera–even though it has been explained to me several times. I knew someone who took part in amateur productions.The make-up is fascinating.

  2. What a great idea, and it’s always delicious to stumble on a treat, rather than seek it out. The only remotely cognate thing I can think of at home is a community concert attached to the very classy Four Winds Festival where local groups preform as well as some of the international performers at the festival.

    1. Marie, thank you for your interest in the Broadway in the Boros. I am not affiliated with this program and do not send out email updates about events. I recommend that you monitor the city’s website and social media for announcements. (There are some links in my post.)

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