Subway Station Art – 8th Street Station


The 8th Street subway station in New York City, located near New York University, offers some great subway art. A series of 40 mosaics, designed by artist Tim Snell, are scattered along the platforms in both directions. Snell, a Canadian artist who is now based in New York City, was inspired by local street scenes. Collectively, the mosaics are titled Broadway Diaries.

Here are some of my favorite mosaics from Broadway Diaries.






The 8th Street station also has some great vintage mosaic directional signs that are not part of Broadway Diaries.



You will even see both styles together.




You can get to the 8th Street subway station on either the R or the N trains. The station is located on Broadway, with entrances at 8th Street and Astor Place.

19 thoughts on “Subway Station Art – 8th Street Station

  1. My favourite circle is the first one, although I’m amused by the squirrel at the University station. Broadway diaries is a great name – I may nick it for my next Warsaw blog. The direction signs are beautiful in their simplicity: I saw similar ones in an old Budapest subway.

  2. Squirrels are great!. I love the old mosaic signs. The new mosaic signs and the old ones really complement each other. I also want to say that the walls are really clean. I made the mistake of leaning against walls in Mexico City and San Francisco–the walls were not clean.I am a leaner and a sloucher. New York knows how to do it!

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