Subway Station Art – 28th Street Station

If you don’t travel by subway when you’re in New York City, you’re missing out on some great public art. We recently explored the mosaic hats of the 23rd Street subway station, but the next stop going uptown, the 28th Street Station, also has mosaic murals. The 28th Street murals, titled City Dwellers, are by artist Mark Hadjipateras. These are fun, whimsical murals, guaranteed to please adults and children alike.

Here are some photos of the murals you will see if you visit the 28th Street station. Don’t these like like they belong in a children’s fantasy storybook?






If you want to see these murals, take the R train to the 28th Street station. There are murals on both platforms, so it really doesn’t matter which direction you are traveling. Note: This isn’t the only 28th Street station in New York City – there is also one on the 1 Line, and another on the 6 Line. Those other stations do not have the murals.

9 thoughts on “Subway Station Art – 28th Street Station

    1. They are actually composed of tiny square glass mosaic tiles – but from a distance they really do look like decals. One of the things that I like about this particular train is that you can tell the stops by the murals, just as you said.

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