The Lowline: Underground Park of the Future

New York City has some beautiful city parks, but it is also a city where space is at a premium. Manhattan’s Lower East Side demonstrates some of the challenges of urban living. There is not that much green space in the neighborhood, but also not really anywhere to add a new park. That is, not until New Yorkers James Ramsey and Dan Barasch came up with the idea of the Lowline. The concept of the Lowline is an underground park, which would be located in an abandoned trolley terminal on the Lower East Side Near the Delancey Street subway station.


Although the Lowline isn’t open yet (the concept’s supporters are hoping to have it completed by 2020 if they can get support from the city and MTA), it is possible to visit the Lowline Lab right now. In the Lab, located in an old brick warehouse at 140 Essex Street on the Lower East Side, visitors can learn more about the project’s design and the solar technology that will be used to grow plants in the underground park. There’s also a small garden area, where plants are grown using the proposed technology.




The Lowline Lab is a small exhibit, but really fascinating. It was definitely worth the $10 suggested donation to explore such an innovative idea. It’s a fascinating concept, and I hope the Lowline’s supporters are able to get the financial support and approvals they need to complete the park.

To get to the Lowline Lab, take the F train to Delancey Street, or the J, M, or Z trains to the Essex Street Station.

6 thoughts on “The Lowline: Underground Park of the Future

  1. I’m making a list. I haven’t been to New York for 16 years and I used to visit, two r three times s year, in the ’90s. It’s my favourite city, I’ve always felt at home there. Now I want to go back and this park’s on my list

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