Food and Drink at Threes Brewing

I had the opportunity to check out Threes Brewing, located at 333 Douglass Street in Brooklyn, this past weekend. Threes Brewing describes itself as a brewery, bar, and event space. It also has a rotating kitchen residency, where local restaurants take over their kitchen space and offer a special menu for a few weeks at a time.

threes brewing photo1

The entrance to Threes Brewing is small but welcoming. I expected that the interior of the space would be small as well, based on the store front, but it actually has quite a bit of space inside–the rooms are long and narrow. The front part is primarily restaurant seating, and the bar is towards the back. The bar is a comfortable space. Liquor bottles and glassware are neatly arranged on industrial-style metal shelving, with beer, wine, and cocktail options listed on chalkboard signs above. The brewing operations are barely visible behind the shelving.

threes brewing photo2

For my first beer, I ordered the Threes Brett Duck Porter, which is brewed in collaboration with Greenport Harbor Brewery. It was a delicious dark beer, with mild coffee/chocolate notes. The porter was good by itself, but it also paired well with what I ordered for dinner.

threes brewing photo3

Threes Brewing’s rotating kitchen is currently occupied by the folks from Roberta’s Pizza, which was a real treat. I ordered a white pizza (appropriately called the “White Guy”) and added mushrooms. I had heard about Roberta’s before but hadn’t had the chance to try it. Let me just say that it lives up to its reputation! The pizza was delicious. The crust had that perfect pizza texture–chewy, but still soft. There was that slight dust of flour on the bottom and the char of the air bubble along the edge. The cheese was plentiful but not overwhelming, and the ricotta actually lightened the pizza a bit. The mushrooms added another layer of flavor. This was a good-size pizza. Two people could definitely share it as a snack, and for many people half of one is enough for a meal.

threes brewing photo4

Wanting to try a second beer, I ordered Threes Vliet, a pilsner. (I know, quite a change after drinking the porter!) The Vliet was a good choice, light and crisp, with a dry finish. Threes offers two sizes for its beers, .25L and .5L. I appreciate having the different size options, as sometimes I don’t want another full-size beer. It also give visitors the chance to try more beers.

Will I go back to Threes Brewing? Absolutely–and probably before Roberta’s Pizza is no longer there. (Roberta’s is only there through December 13–hurry in while you can!) I look forward to seeing who the next resident of the rotating kitchen is as well.

How do you get to Threes Brewing? There are a number of options by subway. Take the 2, 3, 4, 5, B, D, N, Q, or R to Atlantic Terminal, or the F or G to Bergen Street. Complete directions are available here on the Threes Brewing website.

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