Pop-Up Concert at Columbia University’s Miller Theater

On Tuesday I went to a pop-up concert at the Miller Theater at Columbia University. What fun! The concerts are free, and the audience is invited to sit up on the stage with the musicians. The music is innovative, even experimental. And before the concert began, there was a small bar set up serving free drinks to those who were old enough to enjoy them. The Pop-Up Concert Series is in its fourth year, and from what I can tell has been a real success.

This particular concert featured percussionist Doug Perkins, who performed a total of four works. The first, Ken Thompson’s new work for percussion, was a solo piece and a world premiere performance. Perkins was accompanied by cellist Lauren Radnofsky for the next two works, Caroline Shaw’s Boris Kerner, and David Lang’s Stuttered Chant. For Boris Kerner, Perkins’s percussion instruments were flowerpots of various sizes and materials. In Stuttered Chant, Perkins used a cello as his drum set. Perkins ended the evening with another solo performance, Iannis Xenakis’s Psappha. All four works were intellectually challenging and fully enjoyable.

No photographs are allowed during the concert, but prior to its start I was able to take this photograph showing how the stage was set up.


I really enjoyed the concert – this is definitely something I will do again!

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